Trinlogix announces Triplidata, the latest visual communication offering in their family of solutions serving the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) community.

Ted Toso, CEO of Trinlogix co-presented with Peter Andersen of Andersen Capital Management ‘The Power of Dynamic Visual Marketing’ at the Integrated Advisors Network 2020 conference to showcase their new Triplidata technology.

Triplidata enables financial service professionals to leverage visual communication for client presentations that within 37 seconds captures attention with memorable content to simplify the message. This new enhancement to the Trinlogix legacy SaaS platform component library for Enterprise visualization solution can be utilized in the office or as a mobile app. 

“Simplification of messages and minimizing jargon is going to be the theme for 2021.” said Peter C. Andersen, CFA and Founder, of Andersen Capital Management. “It’s not easy to simplify complicated things, but it’s very easy to complicate simple things. Trinlogix is a great example of how financial professionals can simplify complex processes and data when presenting to clients.”

Triplidata is designed to implement seamlessly into an existing ecosystem, providing the user 100% control of privacy, security, and compliance. Users sign-in to a custom dashboard with all of their client accounts to create simple presentations that are interactive, engaging, and easy to prepare. One of the many advantages of Triplidata is its ability to act as a hub for multiple sources and vendors and consolidates that data into a single “one click-one page” mobile-friendly report. 40 pages of a traditional financial report now convert to an engaging and easy to understand image. 

“Our goal is to help advisors convey stories because the data has a story.” said Ted Toso, CEO of Trinlogix. “When you use an interactive, unique visual, people are going to better remember what you’ve presented. Studies show that in 1 hour only 6 minutes are likely to be remembered with 2-D text. However, that same study found, with moving 3-D visualization, in 10 minutes they’re likely to remember as much as 6.5 minutes.”  

“We are so pleased to have Trinlogix as part of our Integrated Alliance Program. They have been a true partner over the years and are one of the premier providers that we offer complimentary to all the advisors in our network.” stated Linda Pix, co-founder and Chief Relationship Officer of Integrated Advisors Network.

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About Integrated Advisors Network 

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